The first Panoramic Binoculars made in Italy.

Vellardi is a family business, the values of our families are fully reflected in our corporate culture.We put a small piece of us in every single detail we produce. We hope that through our products, which for the most part are positioned to embellish a breathtaking view, our customers can seize a moment of wonder in front of this beautiful and fascinating world that surrounds us.

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For Beauty lovers and viewers.

Every product we make is highly customizable.

Vellardi produces its products entirely in Italy, using the most precise and resistant materials. The products supplied are designed and manufactured with Italian craftsmanship.

Every day Vellardi makes a careful selection of materials that are able to always provide the maximum possible performance in terms of safety and resistance, wear and weathering.

Vellardi works side by side with private and public companies, designers, architects and construction companies. For us every single customer is unique and important, like his taste and his needs.

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