Available in October 2019

Attico Panoramic Telescope

Our little once.

The custom made product for your Villa.


Stile Distintivo

Head in gloss stainless steel with anodised aluminium particulars coloration

Extreme mobility

The panoramic telescope allow you to look all around, thank’s to the possibility to move the head of the telescope 360°

Ultra Durable

Column is made in 3mm Stainless steel. Practically impossible to open.

Super Safe

If it is not enough 100kg of weight, we fix every telescope directly on the ground.

The perfect solution for the private market: long-limbed and slender is the ideal product for villas and hotels. Attico is a MADE IN ITALY PRODUCT in a minimal version.


Anti slip step

Step structure in stainless steel with or without anti slip plate in stainless steel.
Weight: 11,5Kg or 15Kg with the plate.

Custumizable colour

Our RAL scale colours are are treated to be resistant to time and weather. We can provide even the gold colour version or the aluminium brassed colour.




Optic waterproof 16×60 nitrogen filled (are available other optics on request).

Lens features:

Exit Pupil: 3,8 mm.
Angular field of view (real): 2,3° (40m/1000 m)
Relative brightness: 14,4 (ottima anche per visioni al crepuscolo)
Antiglare optics.


Stainless steel 304

Structure 100% stainless steel 304 satinized anti vandalism.
weight: around
Base diameter: 400 mm.

Seeing is believing

We have all the features that you are searching!


Our lenses are waterproof thanks to our optics nitrogen filling system. Our binoculars are endowed with a mechanism which allows moisture to escape without compromising the view.
This kind of mechanism enables our panoramic binoculars to adapt perfectly both on the seashore and in the high mountains.

Anti-glare system

The anti-reflection is an essential feature. The lenses are treated in order to ensure maximum visibility in all conditions. The optic lenses are protected, it is therefore impossible to scratch them.


Our binoculars are situated in the major Italian historical and tourist sites. One of their fundamental characteristic is the resistance to any kind of vandalism, especially for the binocular with coin mechanism. Our products are safe and durable thanks to the extra strong stainless steel column and the lens protection system. They are the result of decades of experience on the field.

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