Coin operated Binoculars

The easiest way to return your investment.

What differentiates coin operated binoculars from no coin operated binoculars?
The possibility to insert the tokens or coins in your panoramic binoculars, and gain from your new coin operated binoculars.
In the gamma of our panoramic binoculars, we have the possibility to mount a coin mechanism in three of them: Panoramic Binoculars, Gigante Telescope and Infoscopio.
In the course of our long entrepreneurial experience, we have improved the structure of our coin mechanism day by day.
We have often received attempts to break in over the years, and the coin mechanism is usually after the lenses, the most fragile element of the entire structure.
This is way during the years we have learnt how making our coin acceptor a monster in security and reliability.
Also, we use the most the most accurate mechanical rotary coin acceptor in the world.
We have studied a system that gives our customers the possibility to open the coin acceptor and take the money easily with a single key, and at the same time makes it strongly difficult to burglary.
Also includes a revolutionary clutch handle that prevents vandals from breaking the handle, or any internal components of the coin mechanism, when the wrong currency or slugs are inserted or when forced with a wrench.
Another feature of our coin-operated binoculars is that the mechanism of the coin acceptor it is completely mechanic.
This it means that it is safer and required a lot less maintenance!
Our coin acceptor accepts tokens and currency in over 100 countries in all the world, our coin-operated binoculars work with only one coin/tokens at the time.
Our coin operated binoculars also can store a large amount of coins in the internal basket.
If you are looking for returning the investment and you want to place the binoculars in a public area or whereas comes a lot of people, the coin-operated binoculars are the right choice for you!

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