Augmented Reality, AR at your fingertips.

INFOrmations about what is around you.

Fully waterproof. Structure stainless steel AISI 316

Unique style

Head made in anodised aluminum casting grey painted

Extreme mobility

INFOscopio allow you to look all around, thank’s to the possibility to move the head 360°

Ultra Durable

The upper side of the column is 10mm thickness. Practically impossible to open.

Unique Design

Base with compass rose made in 10mm Stainless steel AISI 316, that can be used as a step for children.

Super Safe

If it is not enough 65 kg of weight, we fix every INFOscopio directly on the ground.

The INFOscopio is an optical-mechanical instrument which, thanks to its combination of glass and lenses allows the user to see various INFOrmation related to what he/she is observing. Thanks to its state-of-art technology it is possible to visualise name of places, paths, roads, buildings, heights, historical INFOrmation, naturalistic INFOrmation, logos and further more, superimposed directly to the real image (augmented reality). The view on INFOscopio is 1:1 scale so, there is not magnification.


Coin acceptor

It is possible request the product with a coin operator of 1 euro or, if outside euro zone, with the principal internationals currencies. This transform the product and allow to our clients to gain from visitors. Of course all this is anti-vandalism.

The coin op has a timer and a counter.

Custumizable color

Our RAL scale colours are are treated to be resistant to time and weather.



The mechanism for the superimposition of INFOrmation is optic-mechanic (there is no need of AC or electricity). The mechanism is protected with anti-glare lens, easy to be replaced in case of vandalism and damage.


Stainless steel 316

Structure 100% stainless steel 316 satinized anti vandalism.
weight: around 65 kg.
Base diameter: 600 mm.

Installation kit

Includes stainless steel plate, custom threaded bar, expansion plugs, all key set, hex head wrench, wrench for indoor fixing and cylinder lock for door opening column

Seeing is believing

We have all the features that you are searching!


Our lenses are waterproof thanks to nitrogen filling system. Our binoculars are endowed with a mechanism which allows moisture to escape without compromising the view.
This kind of mechanism enables our panoramic binoculars to adapt perfectly both on the seashore and in the high mountains.


Our binoculars are situated in the major Italian historical and tourist sites. One of their fundamental characteristic is the resistance to any kind of vandalism, especially for the binocular with coin mechanism. Our products are safe and durable thanks to the extra strong stainless steel column and the lens protection system. They are the result of decades of experience on the field.

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